Saturday, 15 June 2013

June 12 in Nigeria History and M.K.O Abiola

A very controversial date in the history of Nigerian Democracy, observed as public holiday by some state like Lagos and Osun, ogun states e.t.c but ignored by many, either because the federal Government of
Nigeria have not declared it generally or they do not see the significance attached with June 12th.

This controversy was in summary initiated due to the fact that the first very Democratic Election was held on this day in 1993, proceeding which the winner of the Election Moshood .K. O. Abiola against all odds went ahead to declare himself the president of Nigeria and went into hiding till he was arrested on June 23rd.
Nigeria Labor Congress and Petroleum Union contributed immensely to his release later in the year after significant protest and strike even though he still didn’t get to sit on the presidential sit till he met his untimely death July 7th 1998 at age 60 due to food poisoning (precisely tea poisoning), the source of the poisoning still remains a mystery.

Until tomorrow, M.K.O Abiola remains a significant figure in the history of Nigerian Democracy. Just like every June 12 since the last Twenty (20) years, we ponder on how different Nigerian Democracy would have been if it had been allowed to thrive on its originally designed foundation. More on Nigerian history here and M. k. O. Abiola’s Biography click here 

Pardon my curiosity but seeing the esteem to which Nigerians hold their “past Heroes” and the level of triumph of the course they fourth for; are you inspired to lay your life down for any course in this Country?

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