Saturday, 15 June 2013

RIP Sir Fatai Olagunju

Mr. Fatai Olayiwola Olgunju popularly known as Fatai rolling dollar, an elder in Nigeria high-life music “born in Ghana in the 1900s” has passed in the early hours of June 11th, 2013 at 85 he was going to be 86 July 22, 1926. He died in Lagos after a brief undisclosed illness, which began, during his tour in the United States, which he had to quit and return to Nigeria for treatment.
He has been in the music industry for over sixty (60) years, even though he had a break in his career at some point he was able to match his way back to limelight “the spirit of non-quitter dwell in him”. He was active in his career up until his dying days. He has been buried according to Muslim rights.
Fatai was an energetic entertainer, he was popularly known for his song “Won kere si number wa” (They cannot match our number), the song is enjoyed by both the young and old, high-life fans and non-fans “it broke all music preference barriers” it is definitely a classic.

Our condolence goes to his family; you should be celebrating his life, he has lived it to the fullest. Many would definitely miss him.

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