Saturday, 22 August 2015

Those You Admire Treat You Bad

treats you badly. If someone rejects you, dishonors you, ignores you ...

We all know as humans you have to have those you look up to, those that inspire you, those you want to grow to be but what if those people's acts are wrong or even though they are close to you they do not care about you and they keep treating bad, keep failing and keep dragging to the mud.

whether we like it or not when those we admire does wrong directly at us, to themselves, public or just a random kinda wrong, in some way it affects us. so when our inspiration keeps dragging us to the mud what do we do, should we stop loving and looking up to them.

Now listen, life is about the ups and the downs, you should learn to love people with all the baggage that comes with them. so you shouldn't stop admiring them instead you should focus on their strength and the way they always survive wrestling from the mud but them you need to protect and fortify yourself so take a rain check and make some little changes.

Rain Check:

  • Why do I love and admire this person
  • what are those qualities I see in him that I would die to posses
  • does he still have those qualities
  • would his new ways affect my psychology or behavior in any way or
  • do I understand and admire his strength, for always rising from his falls
  • do I admire him for the right reasons
  • How can I help
and then

You can either look for a side influencer or stick to the one you already got, depending on how strong you are and how good you are at filtering good from bad (ie what to imitate and what not to) and how much of this person you really admire. You can also talk to a more matured person about what you face and note it is not all adulst that is fit to advice you.

You should be a ride or die admirer. Let them do you wrong, keep loving them, one day, they will realize how much pain they have caused you. remember your influencer, admirer, inspirer is also human and they can make mistakes like every other person

I love my babies, keep reading and keep spreading love and inspiration

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