Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ghana’s president, Atta Mills Dead, aged 68

This sad event transpired on 24 July 2012 let me use this means to bid my condolence to the family of Atta Mills and Ghanaians as they mourn the loss of a great man ‘their president’, he was indeed great.

 In every occurrence there is a lesson to be learn, being the kind of person I am and for the purpose of this blog ‘’inspiration’’, I see every incident from a very macroscopic perspective it is only rational that I share these morals with everyone so I permit you to discern the morals of this occurrence through my magnifying lens….

First of all I want you to know that you’re not too young, rich or poor to die, death can come knocking at your door at any appointed time, by the Creator of cause ‘’the giver of life’’.  You do not own the life you live neither can you decide what ensues from the air you breath, your life was only kept in your care by the giver of life the best you can do is to use it as best as you can. Just like time our lives would surely pass and the only thing that would be left of us would be memories. If you do not mind my asking; what are the memories you would like to leave behind when you pass on? The decision of whether to pass on (die) or not is not ours to make, as you live your daily life, exploiting your area of interest, use your time/life prudently.

Even though some circumstances are so obvious most of the time you still have to bring them to people’s consciousness or they go unnoticed. By now it shouldn’t be news that death cannot be enticed by wealth or class to prolong anyone’s period of existence, death wouldn’t say ‘’wow this man’s life is so adorable, he’s so rich I will allow him a little time before I visit him’’.  No it doesn’t work that way, when its time, its time, you should know the only reason you’re still alive is cause the creator isn’t done with you. So who are you living for, yourself or your creator? Whose will/interest do you defend each day you live?

The way people are so greedy in possessing the things of this world leaves me wondering whether there is any tradition that permits a man’s family to bury him with his possession. For those who do not know, Christians are buried with just a coffin, maybe some fancy clothes and other mementos ‘’this is dependent on the person or his family’’. Muslims bury with just white linen and nothing else no matter who you are wealthy, poor, old, young etal. Everyone is buried the same way and some other cultures go ahead to burn the body to ashes returning them back to what they came from ‘’ash, dust, clay whatever it is you were taught you came from’’.  Without any waste of time, this brings me to the very big question; why all the hassles, greed, loathe, tyranny and all that ignorant people practise incessantly. Don’t misread this, I’m not condemning being rich or having the desire to be rich, if I’m then I’ll be a hypocrite cause I definitely want to be rich ‘’I’m going to be’’. But in essence the message I’m trying to pass is that in your riches be humble, do not go around with a swollen head ‘’pride/ego’’ waiting to explode at any moment. You should know that it is not by your power that you are what you are ‘’better than those around’’ (no matter the efforts you put into being successful if God does not decree you a success, you will never be). Also that what you possess presently was placed in your care by a greater being to be used cautiously and to be a blessing to those who weren’t so privileged, so use whatever you possess unarguably, impact the life of the people around you ‘‘positively’’. What more can I say that you have not heard than; live the way you want to be remembered.

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