Thursday, 2 August 2012



Ramadan Kareem to our Muslim brothers and sisters out there for those who do not know what Ramadan is all about, this a quick and short enlightenment. Ramadan is believed to be one of the five pillars of Islam, it is the ninth month according to Islamic calendar and also the holiest month, during this period Muslims all over the world unite in fasting (abstinence from food and pleasure) and spiritual reflection (this is because they believe the very first verse of Quran was revealed and recited during the month of Ramadan) this they believe brings blessings from Allah (God). There are rules and regulations guiding those who might find it difficult to participate in fasting like people with health and safety issues, children that are not of age, women in their monthly period ‘they are believed to be unclean therefore can’t partake in fasting on those days’ etc. In addition to the basic requirement for Muslims to fast there are other recommendations to make Ramadan period more beneficial which are helping others, imbibing the Ramadan spirit, Traweeh prayers (special prayer each night conducted by Muslims during the month of Ramadan) etc.  At the end of the month which can either be in 29(twenty nine) or 30 (thirty) days ‘‘this is dependent on the time the moon is sighted, could be sighted by anyone but the Muslim leaders and sighting committees has to be notified and give their consent before the celebration is held’’.  Muslims around the world after the fasting enjoy their holiday period, which they refer to as Eid-al-fitr meaning festival of fast breaking.

I just have one little advice to offer, please our dear Muslim brothers and sister, we beg you in the name of God when the period of Ramadan pass do not let the Ramadan spirit go with it. In essence, it should be a period of seeking forgiveness and blessing from Allah (God), transformation, etc. you going back to what you used to be or even worse after the period of Ramadan is just as if you’re making mockery of God. You do not want to test the patience of Allah do you?

Thank you, Ramadan Kareem ones again

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